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Advanced Companies Search

Explore Companies with Unseen Precision


Many investors can confirm that looking for a suitable investment target starts with the creation of the database. The one that suits his/her needs and allows him/her to ask the right questions.

At InvestTech Advanced Solutions, we care about your time and efforts. This brought us to the creation of the companies' databases that will give you the right means to easily search for companies with unseen precision.

Let's make some examples.

No matter which dashboard you are currently using, your left tab works as a navigation tool, where you can access the dashboard's pages. Here you will find the Companies tab. Left-click and explore!

After that, you will lend to the Companies page, where you can search through the available database.

Aside from the Sort By button, you can left-click on the Filter image (marked with orange on the screenshot). This will give access to the advanced filters available.

When choosing more than one filter, the system will only show you those companies, matching both of them.

You can choose as many filters as you want.

In most cases, a given filter allows multiple selections. For example, on the screenshot, you can see the Research Focus input area. You can choose companies that participate in Biomarker Discovery or Chemical Synthesis.


You've definitely spotted the Details button near every company.

By clicking on that button you can access additional details available for companies. Aside from General information, companies might have information about their financial status, their R&D achievements, including patents and ongoing clinical trials, as well as SWOT metrics.

All these features allow you to navigate yourself across different industries and market players, choosing the best targets for your allocations.

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