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Access the Markets in the Most Efficient Way

Actively Managed Certificates and Indexes

An Actively Managed Certificate (AMC) is an easy and efficient way to access public equities. It could allow you to tap any niche market within a month or two, depending on how deep you want equity research to be. It allows you to actively manage your allocation, providing feasible means to get the best out of your market development.

An Index can serve as a market indicator, leverage the visibility of the area, and provide an exposure to the market of your interest.

Yet, the launch of such products requires profound market study, equity research and knowledge of many technical complications.
Let our team walk you through all of these with ease!

We apply the most comprehensive and up-to-date mathematical, financial and Machine Learning-based approaches to deliver you the result you are looking for.

Portfolio Hedging, Optimization and De-risking

The creation of the investment portfolio requires a lot of technical and market knowledge. No matter what market you want to get access to, advice from an insider might save you a lot of time and money.

InvestTech Advanced Solutions in collaboration with Deep Pharma Intelligence and Aging Analytics Agency can provide you not only with technical analysis for the right hedging or optimization approach but also adjust it according to the current scientific advances. 

Our pharma, biotech and healthcare experts are here to help you get the right perspective on the market.

Let us know what you are passionate about and we will help you to make the expedient decision you require. 

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