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Not Your Typical Analytics Agency

“The task is ... not so much to see what no one has yet seen; but to think what nobody has yet thought, about that which everybody sees.”

                                                                    Erwin Schrodinger


What Is Our Approach?

Many try to rebuild what is already built and recreate what was working far before such an initiative. At InvestTech Advanced Solutions, we believe that while many areas are waiting for their Einsteins, actual innovations can be achieved by applying the right approaches to the right problems.

It's the unique combination that makes people's work innovative, not the invention itself.

How We Differ?


Apply Machine Learning not where we can apply, but where it creates value.

Use cutting-edge Natural Language Processing to create uniquely clustered databases, which allow you to choose your targets with unmet precision.

Fueled by a diverse stack of industry professionals from applied and pure mathematics to cancer biologists and chemists.

Provide a diverse set of tools to analyze the data.

Driven by custom requirements.

Covering the full cycle of the investment process.

Focus on alternative data, providing a deeper understanding of the market and the given company.


Apply Machine Learning for the sake of Machine Learning.

Use preexisting datasets, that might be outdated or irrelevant, which may lead to incoherent data assessment results.



Homogenic teams that consist primarily of financial specialists, which might not be able to make a deep dive into technologies.

Provide either tools or data.

Hard-to-adjust solutions.


Dedicated to one area of the process.

Focus on the so-called direct data, which might be scarce in many cases, leading to the certain biases.

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