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Longevity Finanсial Industry Investment Digest
Q2 2022

Investment Digest
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Investment Digest
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The report delivers an overview of the trends, funding activity, and risk assessment for a variety of Longevity finance subsectors. Longevity finance can be defined as an industry, which focuses on the financial solutions that one way or another are tied to people's health. If the company provides financial solutions that are related to health, Longevity, retirement, etc, a given financial entity can be considered to be a part of the Longevity financial industry. The same can be formulated (in a more narrow way via understanding the risks) if a financial entity is exposed to the Longevity risk – the entity belongs to the Longevity finance.

Longevity Financial Industry in the United Kingdom
Q2 2022

Longevity Financial Industry
in the United Kingdom Q2 2022
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Finance 2022
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This report covers Longevity finance in the UK which can be defined as an industry focusing on the financial solutions that one way or another are tied to people's health. The United Kingdom can be considered as the market playing a significant role in the global Longevity financial industry as the country builds a favourable ecosystem allowing new companies to enter the market with new technological solutions as well as adjust the business strategies of market incumbents (mainly the financial institutions).The Longevity Finance in the UK 2022 report is already available for you.

Longevity Financial Institutions Investment Digest
Q3 2021

Investment Digest
66 Pages
Investment Digest
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Investment Digest
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This Investment Digest summarizes key observations in the Financial Institutions that engage in the Longevity Industry. We define the Longevity Industry as a combination of aging, advanced preventive precision biomedicine, AgeTech, relevant parts of national healthcare budgets, and the global financial industry related to such sub-industries. In the digest, we have assembled information about top 300 Financial Institutions representing five main financial institution types: Asset Management Firms, Banks, Pension Funds, Insurance, and Reinsurance firms. We have highlighted the biggest deals lead or co-leaded by top 300 Financial Institutions that have helped the Longevity Industry's smooth performance.

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