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Forecasting and Reports

Access top-level forecasting solutions and reports to drive your market understanding


It's hard to imagine a proper investment pipeline without good forecasting and market analysis. Unfortunately, both of these things are really time-consuming and might take a lot of resources.

At InvestTech Advanced Solutions, we care about your time and efforts. We have created easy-to-use forecasting solutions and constantly provide market research on ~40 areas from Longevity and DeepTech.   

Let's see how it really works with our Longevity Investment dashboards.

First, open your dashboard. Your left tab works as a navigation tool, where you can access the dashboard's pages. Here you will find the Predictions tab. Left-click and explore!

After that, you will lend to the Predictions page, where you can access existing solutions. Predictions allow you to build forecasts on equities prices based on different approaches and compare them in real-time.

At the top of the page, you can choose companies you want to compare, select the predictions' end dates and choose a prediction type. Choose Wiener or Adjusted Geometric Brownian Motion if you are a math guy or girl. Interested in ML-based solutions? Give Prophet or LSTM approaches a try!

Interested in some approach you want to see on our dashboard? Contact us and help us improve for you!


Fancy graphs are good, but what about actual results?


No worries!


After the prediction is built, you can access its analysis at the bottom of the page. The dashboard provides different parameters you can easily compare to derive insights into how companies you are interested in will behave.

Interested in the equity that is not listed on our dashboard? Contact us and we will add it for you!

Public companies are important drivers of any market. Yet many of us are interested in the allocations into private ones. 

InvestTech Advanced Solutions is constantly working on the creation of the most meaningful reports on different market areas so that you can improve your understanding of the market you are into. 

In order to access our reports, click on the Downloadable on the left-side tab. This will lead you to the corresponding page, where you can access our market reports.

Looking for proprietary analytics? Contact us and we will find the best solution for you!

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